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Knockback v0.2.8 is available now!

Available on Steam now

This release brings new skills and treasure chests. The new lightning strike modifier deals heavy damage at a high mana cost and is available to the cleric, wizard, hunter and engineer. The new ghostly fist packs quite a punch and lets the Hunter join in on truly knocking the baddies back. The new treasure chests will grant temporary boosts to your skills that immediately apply to any weapons or skills that you already have.

We also improved upon the skill system by adding healing, mana, throwing speed and a couple of class specific skills. The hunter gains the hawkeye skill, which will let you zoom in for that critical shot, and my new favorite is the cleric's life syphon. The cleric can use their health as a mana pool. It is risky, so manage it carefully, but it can be used to devastating effect.

Changelog for v0.2.8



  • Reduce Susan's speed

  • Add lightning strike modifier

  • Add Hawkeye skill for the Hunter

  • Add max health, health regen, max mana and mana regen skills

  • Reduce the cost of the ballista and limit the player to one ballista per spell slot

  • Add bonus temporary skills via treasure chests and put treasure chests in the dungeon level

  • Add throwing speed skill

  • Add life syphon skill for the cleric

  • Add ghostly punch skill for the hunter

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix erroneous "Starting Wave 1" message in the dungeon

  • Fix hunter not shooting as expected after playing for a while

  • Balance the cleric's healing field by reducing healing per second & increasing point cost

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