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Knockback v0.2.7 is available now!

Knockback v0.2.7 contains two major features: a new procedural dungeon layout that you conquer room by room and a new skill system for leveling up weapon parts. The dungeon delve adds some new strategies and interest. As long as you aren't in a baddies field of view, you can sneak around to get into a good position or just pull a few baddies at a time. The procedural layout provides a lot of replay value.

The new skill system is just the tip of the ice berg. For now, all skills are reset and you keep your existing players but you can now pick which weapon parts you want and how many points you want to put into them. Stay tuned for additional skills that will modify your players stats and lets you customize in whole new ways.

Changelog for v0.2.7



  • Create a hero creation/selection tool for managing characters

  • Only display skills & weapon parts that are relevant to the current hero/class.

  • Add a skills concept that can be upgraded as levels go up. This replaces random leveling awards.

  • Limit weapon parts on a per class basis to provide a little more differentiation and specialization.

  • Create a new procedurally generated level that you traverse from beginning to end.

  • Create a new AI for dungeon levels based on sight so players can sneak about.

  • Many rebalancing changes

Bug Fixes:

  • Move message text below the center of the screen.

  • Make an effect that intuitively shows the push modifier is attached bug

  • The starting area swinging barrel deals too much damage bug

  • XP was not always being awarded properly between client & server

  • No bomb sound on client machine

  • Castle ground is too low on the southern side.

  • And many more...

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